How To Increase Your Business Valuation (with the Tech Shark)

Have you wondered about your business valuation?   I’ve partnered with a new major tech software company and it will change the way you run your business. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade the value of your business using tech. Meet the Tech Shark: “G” Meet my good buddy, Gaydon “G” Leavitt the Tech Shark, […]

The 5 Stages of Entrepreneurship

Many people have the entrepreneurial spirit, but few are brave enough to take the risk. I’m here to tell you that entrepreneurship is worth it.  In fact, there is a 5-stage process of entrepreneurship that will help guide you through this journey from idea to success.  The 5 stages of entrepreneurship are:  First Stage – Idea […]

Why Is Everyone Talking About NakeFit?

Alright, outdoor explorers and travelers, this one is for you. It’s called NakeFit and it helps you enjoy outdoor activities barefoot without hurting your feet —just one of the many reasons why this is the coolest product for the outdoor types.  Here’s the thing, the main reason we become entrepreneurs is for freedom. Getting outdoors, […]